Web Editing & Design

Swipe through to view a few pages from the new Department of Chemistry website vs. the old website (new first, old second). See some of my work on the home, research, lifestyle, prospective student, academic support, and safety pages.

Department of Chemistry Website

Starting in October 2019, I was hired full-time as the Web Editor at the Department of Chemistry here at UW-Madison and have been in charge of the complete website redesign and migration from Drupal to WordPress.

Before the redesign started, the communications specialist and I held web development meetings where we used the KJ method (or affinity diagramming, card sorting, etc.) with groups of stakeholders to determine the information architecture of the site. Once that was decided, I was given a spreadsheet of 3,000 links of pages, posts, and forms existing on our current site. I then sifted through each link, updated any outdated content, migrated and redesigned pages that were still in use, and designed new pages our stakeholders requested.

Currently, as of March 2020, I am almost completely finished with the site and, with the help and guidance from the Center for Digital Accessibility & User Experience, have started accessibility and user testing. I am also in charge of developing a web maintenance plan and training the faculty and staff on how to use the new site.

Badger Chemist News

I planned, designed, and created the services page for our Badger Chemist News communications team. This web page serves as a guide for the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donors of the Department of Chemistry where they can browse through the services we provide. It also gives them a form to fill out to request communications help or to submit news stories, research, professional updates, etc.

services page screenshot