Get to Know Me

Kaity Moore

Hey! How’s it going?

Before we dive on in, I just want to say I genuinely hope you’re having a fabulous day! Somehow, you’ve found yourself on my website, and now you’re like, “wait, but who is this gal?” Well, I’ll tell you! Professionally, I’m known as Kaitlyn M. Moore – communications specialist and web editor, but we’re about to get up close and personal, so you can call me Kaity.

I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (Go Badge!) where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Spanish, and currently, I work full-time as the Web and Content Migration Editor for UW–Madison’s Department of Chemistry.

What exactly does that mean?

Recently, the chemistry department decided to do a complete website redesign and migrate from the old Drupal platform to a new WordPress platform. So, my job has been to edit and move more than 3,000 existing posts and pages onto the new website from the old website, design new pages to meet our stakeholders’ needs, and make sure the new site is accessible, user-friendly, and responsive to different screen sizes.

Glamorous, I know.

Okay, yeah, that’s your job, but like who are you?

Mostly, I am a dog-loving, trivia enthusiast who spends too much time watching movies and learning seemingly useless information – I have most recently taken it upon myself to learn every country’s flag and capital city (hey, knowing that Funafuti is the capital of Tuvalu may come in handy one day). I’m really trying to cram as many languages as I can into my brain while I’m semi-young, and I would consider myself an avid globe-trotter — not the basketball kind, the world-traveling kind.

In 2018, I spent seven months in Madrid, Spain. Five of those seven months, I studied at La Universidad Complutense de Madrid as a full-time student, and the other two I spent just living and breathing Spanish culture (and traveling a bit, of course). I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up on this, but Spain is ingrained in me, and my time spent abroad is one of the most important times in my life that has molded my worldview.

As you would assume, English is my native language, but I also fluently speak Spanish, and dabble in French. Languages and human interaction fascinate me, and I consider people watching to be one of my favorite pastimes.

Well, now that you know more about me than most of my relatives, feel free to browse around my site!

¡Qué disfrutes!