Spotify 2019 Wrapped Mixtape

So, we’ve almost made it folks.

We’re past Thanksgiving and onto the final stretch of 2019. As the year winds down, the streets come alive with festive lights, our inboxes and mailboxes are stuffed to the brim with holiday ads, and all we see on social media is people complaining about Christmas music, people raving about Christmas music, and Spotify Wrapped Instagram stories. Yes. That’s right. It’s that time of year for us all to share what we’ve been listening to for the past 365 days, and I, too, am guilty as charged. You better believed I hopped right onto that bandwagon (although I know very well that no one really cares that much), but as much as I think it’s mostly people trying to show off their ~exquisite music taste~, I do find it really interesting. Spotify breaks down what we have been consuming into top artists, songs, and genre, minutes listened, which countries our artists are from, etc., and they even gave us a little bonus “My Decade Wrapped” which summarized our “tops” of the decade (or from 2016-2019 for me since I’ve only had Spotify for three years). So, here it is, without further ado: my 2019 Wrapped Playlist chocked full of all sorts of goodies. Enjoy!

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