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Kaity Moore

It’s really nice to meet you! Genuinely, I am flattered, you could have chosen any other website, but you chose mine – so, welcome! Professionally, I’m known as Kaitlyn M. Moore – “pro” in all things communications-related, but I’d like to say we’re friends here, so you can call me Kaity. I recently graduated from UW–Madison *tears up a little* with a double major in Spanish and Communications. Among other things, I am a dog and trivia enthusiast, aspiring polyglot, and an avid globe-trotter (not the basketball kind, the world-traveling kind). English is my native language, but I also fluently speak Spanish, and dabble in French. Languages and human interaction absolutely fascinate me, and I consider people watching one of my favorite pastimes. Now that you know more about me than most of my relatives, feel free to get carried away on my site. ¡Que disfrutes! 

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