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Here are the important things: I am a web editor and communications specialist, bilingual in English and Spanish, I like dogs more than humans, eat way too much seafood for someone living in the midwest, and am a Wisconsin Badger fan 4 lyfe.

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Spotify 2019 Wrapped Mixtape

So, we’ve almost made it folks. We’re past Thanksgiving and onto the final stretch of 2019. As the year winds down, the streets come alive with festive lights, our inboxes and mailboxes are stuffed to the brim with holiday ads, and all we see on social media is people complaining about Christmas music, people raving […]

March 2019 Mixtape

Grab a snack and get cozy – this is a long one. March has been an eventful month in the music world (or maybe just my music world). It seems like everyone released a new album this month, and I’m here for it. Not only has it been an eventful month for music, but I […]

February 2019 Mixtape

Wait, it’s March today, but it was literally January yesterday? Where the heck did February go?! I just don’t understand how time somehow moves quicker and quicker the older I get — you know, at the ripe age of 22. Here are some of the songs that (I think?) I listened to in this nonexistent […]